Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mini Update...

The quick and dirty version of the latest and greatest:

Matt loves his new job. L.O.V.E.S. He can't tell you about it though or he'll have to kill you. I just call him secret squirrel and try not to ask any questions. He comes home with a smile every day and is bursting with energy. Only good can come from that. He's also kicking ass in school too. Good times good times.

Zack is so enthusiastic about school that I have often wanted to stop by the school and see if his new teacher is slipping him a little crack in the morning. Whatever it is she's doing, it's working. Football is still meh. I think Matt and I have more fun than he does. We've got just a few weeks left and then the entire family can take a break.

Skyler is a star student. Her reading is especially impressive. She's also doing well in soccer and I'm trying to think of another sport to keep her busy with this winter. Let her sit idle too long and the attitude comes out. She's six going on 14. FSM help me.

As soon as Matt started his new job I decided that I needed more time to manage our family and as far as I can tell no one is going to give me more than 24 hours in a day and I'm sure as hell not giving up some of my precious sleep, so I decided to cut back my hours at work. I'm not working Fridays anymore. I can't tell you what this has done for me. Last Friday was my first off and I was damn near springy on Thursday afternoon as I bounced out of there and Monday morning I didn't dread going in. I had gotten done everything I wanted to get done this weekend. My family was in decent shape. I had given them enough time and taken some for myself. Imagine that.

I'm sure there's more, but the writing isn't flowing lately. Quick look at a couple of pictures, that will tide you over.

Did I mention that Skyler has no front teeth?


  1. Yeah for only having to work 4 days a week!! That's awesome. So happy Matt loves his job. And love the no teeth!

  2. My biggest complaint when I work all week is that I can't seem to get anything done. I usually like to have a day or two off during the week to do stuff like go to thebank, the grocery store, etc and get the freaking laundry done. I don't do laundry on the weekend, it's not in my contract...

  3. i love that football picture! boys' football, plus turning leaves in the background.. i can practically smell the fall air :-)

    i wonder if i can convince my office to let me have off on fridays? even though i, uh, have no kids? or responsibilities..?

  4. I am so glad you are not working on Fridays. I think it is super fab when we don't have to. Life is so short. Working EVERY SINGLE DAY is WAY too stressful! I will leave that for the boys any day of the week!

    I puffy heart LOVE missing front teeth! Sweet as can be! And great shirt too! How fun is she?


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