Thursday, October 01, 2009


I've got myself all worked up into a snit this afternoon. I'm getting really tired of hearing lies about the proposed health care program. I am a giant nerd and usually have NPR on in the car. Today I accidentally hit a button and the radio scanned to the next station which happened to be 89.1 WWIP Daily Christian Radio's noontime show Jay Sekulow Live! I didn't realize what I was listening to for a minute and sat with my mouth hanging open as I heard this moron tell people that Obama is obsessed with abortions and that his bill budgets $178 million dollars to bring Planned Parenthood, the abortion factory (his words), into the schools. He was this >< close to saying abortions will be performed in school.

As soon as I could, I googled to discover what the fuck he was talking about and found that the bill provides "$178 million for evidence-based comprehensive sex education programs that prevent teen pregnancy". Slightly different than his statement that Planned Parenthood was setting up an abortion shop in your local high school.

Typical listeners of Christian radio are people who live in the south and are huge proponents of abstinence only education. You know which states have the highest rates of teen pregnancy? South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas. Hmmm. Anyone making the connection here? Are there any bells going off?

People BELIEVE the hyperbolic drivel that comes from these idiots and it does them and the children of their states NO favors. Please. Please research what people are saying about the health care bill (and anything else you hear that just doesn't sound rational) yourself. Google is easy peasy to use. Cross check key words in multiple locations. And trust your instincts. If you think to yourself "I just can't believe that X would do this..." check it. Don't just repeat what "they" are saying.

*steps down from her soapbox*


  1. You forget that most of the people who choose to listen to this type of idiot have not the capacity nor the desire to question anything they are told. I can only hope that anyone reading your blog will have the intelligence not to listen to that shit in the first place.

  2. Absolutely Awesome!... Well, said in every way. Let's just say I have heard this 'ignorance' before and it drives me nuts. I have to retweet this if I may. Great Job! =)


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