Monday, November 02, 2009

Dear Swine Flu, You SUCK, Love Amanda...

Matt just mentioned that he has a test tonight, reminding me that he has school tonight. I shot him a panicked look and begged him not to leave me home alone with...THEM. Seriously, a mother can only take so much coughing and hacking and whining and holding and loving before she goes absofuckinglutely insane. I love my children and will of course give them anything, ANYTHING, they need while they're sick but they are six and eight and I have been holding someone and nursing someone and fetching popsicles and gatorade and tissues and lovies for what seems like MONTHS.

^ I know I need to get over myself. I just had to indulge in a whine myself. There are plenty of heroic parents with truly sick children who live their entire lives doing what I can't seem to do for two weeks. I'm sorry.

Thanks for letting me get it out. You rock!


  1. Indulge in wine while you tend to their whines.

  2. I am no great nurse. I totally sympathize. Of course, husbands are the worst, so I guess there's that...


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