Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'll take an A for $10...

Do you bribe your kids? No? I don't believe you. I don't.

Zack is the type of kid that needs a goal, some incentive, to be paid. When we got his progress report last month he had one C. I muttered under my breath that he'd get an A if there was money in it and he perked right up. We made a deal. I would pay him $10 for each A, $5 for each B, nothing for Cs, and if he got a D, a. he'd better find a new home that has a live-in tutor and 2. he'd owe me money. This has kept him motivated all month. He's talked about his grades. He's talked about what he wants to spend his money on. He's stayed interested in school. I'm all over this. We'll see how it works.

Skyler on the other hand is not the type of child that bribing works for. She's self motivated and does all her work and then some without being asked. She hasn't even mentioned the deal I have with Zack. I'm going to have to think of some special way to reward her and start working on a plan for if she ever DOES need motivation because money doesn't do it. Pedicures might...

Do you have a system for grades? Get good ones or I'll kill you? Money? Reward? A pat on the back? What works in your house?


  1. Bribery has never worked for my kid, but she's only 4. For now I will pretend that I don't believe in rewards. It makes me sound like one of "those" kind of parents. ;)

  2. My dad paid $1 for every A. He was either a cheapskate or inflation has increased the going rate for an A.

  3. We're not quite to grades yet but jellybeans, sour patch kids, and tic tacs get me pretty much whatever I want. That usually includes a pose for a picture or playing in their rooms quietly so I can nap. They are currently earning one penny for staying in their rooms until 7am and not coming out before.


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