Sunday, November 01, 2009

Nov 1...

Nov 1. I'm determined to write this month.

October, especially the last two weeks kicked our collective asses. Football and school and soccer have been more than this family can handle and still eat nutritious meals and get anything else done. Then Zack came down with the flu, there were 10 kids out in his class. He bounced right back like no other and I got hit hard. Just as I'm starting to almost feel human again Skyler spikes a fever and has been a blob of whine and fever and coughing and need, poor thing. It is so contagious and we know SO many people who are sick. The week before Zack came down with it I said to a friend that I feel like the flu is after us and closing in. I had the kids practically bathing in hand sanitizer but it got us anyway. Imagine how the teachers feel.

Zack's football team did not make the playoffs. It was disappointing but they played very well their last game anyway. I got some fantastic pictures and am working on a slide show for their big banquet.

Skyler's got one game left this season. She's been a super star this year. Those long giraffe legs get her anywhere she wants to be on the field. I keep telling her she'll be taller than I am pretty soon.

Matt is loving his new job which does wonders for everything else in our lives. We've got to keep Daddy happy.

I'm going to try to make this the last post of updates and just keep writing.

*cough cough sniffle sniffle*

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