Monday, November 30, 2009


Whew! We had a wonderful four days of family time. Just enough. We all came out still loving each other. ;-)

Wednesday evening Matt, the kids, and I, stopped by my Aunt Joyce's house and visited with her for a little while. My Mom and I wanted to give her and my cousins an arrangement from Edible Arrangements as a thank you for hostessing our get away weekend a few weeks ago. It was nice to talk, while the kids played my Uncle Ted's piano, just as we did when we were kids. When the noise got to be too much we excused ourselves, not before the kids had begged for juice and a snack. Does anything ever change? Wherever you go, your kids are hungry!

Thursday morning I got on a baking roll. I made an apple pie, Ashley's famous pumpkin apple bread, Amanda Rocks, and a hot dip. I already had peanut butter pie chilling in the fridge. We enjoyed a most lovely dinner with our friends Rick & Carrie's family and friends. The food was wonderful, the kids were well behaved, the adults all sat around the large living room sifting through the shopping fliers making their plans for attacking Christmas shopping like the enemy that it is. I was almost done and had knocked out a significant amount earlier in the day online. I was super fantastically thankful to the online retailers that have the same prices online as they do in their stores AND free shipping. I can happily manage my extreme annoyance with crowds and stupid people from the comfort of my own computer.

Friday, Skyler went to work with Matt. Although much fun was promised, Zack wouldn't pass up a few free hours with Mommy. We got up and hit Game Stop (no lines) where Zack spent his report card money and we picked something up for Skyler too. Later we met Matt and Skyler for lunch at his work. Matt took us on a roller coaster ride through the woods that had me screaming, the kids laughing, and you probably wondering what the hell my husband does for a living. Fun was had by all! Friday night Matt and I took Zack on a date (Skyler was at the neighbors) where we saw Planet 51. It was cute, but predictable. There weren't a lot of laugh out loud funnies but it was enjoyable.

Saturday we ran errands, worked on projects, played outside. It was gorgeous. Matt took me on my kind of date, dinner at 4:00. We discussed the fact that I should find myself an 80 year old and be very happy. I like to go out when it's still light out and be home in bed by 8:30. We did some pokie shopping, I don't think we bought anything but a ball of yarn (please see previous reference to being a little old lady) and were home by 8:00. We had some nice kid-free conversation and enjoyed each other's company.

Sunday was more of the outside stuff. In the afternoon, Matt took Skyler golfing while I took Zack to a birthday party. We were all worn out in a good way by the end of the evening.

A wonderful weekend. The End.


  1. Yeah, only little old ladies have yarn.


  2. Sounds lovely on all accounts. And AMEN to kids being hungry no matter where you take them. Hate that.


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