Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Silent Migraine..

I get silent migraines or migraines with aura without headache. I've had a brain MRI and have a specialist that does my eye exams every year but basically they don't know what causes them, don't have a cure, and can't really explain much. I get them so randomly and far between that there's nothing I can think of that triggers them. I'm always out somewhere which is a huge inconvenience because I'm basically incapacitated (i.e. can't really see) for about an hour. My favorite is when it happens while driving. Thankfully I can tell it's coming and have about 3-5 minutes to get off the road. I've tried to explain what it looks like with pics. It's sort of a combination of the pixelated pics I show below and looking through a car window covered in rain drops.

So here's me looking at Skyler:

Then I realize there's a swirly moving dot in the center of my vision (doesn't matter which eye. I could close either and still see the same thing)

Then the swirly dot gets bigger and starts to move left.

For awhile there I can't see anything in the middle of my field of vision. It's all swirly and some things are just not there at all. Then it sort of fades to the edges.

This all takes about an hour and leaves my eyes feeling tired, like they've had a good cry. I don't generally get a headache which is fanfuckingtastic, but it's annoying nonetheless. Last night I was running errands and realized that I couldn't really focus on a dot in the center of my vision. I blinked a few times, swore, and went to sit in my car. I didn't feel comfortable sitting in the mall not being able to see and my only option is waiting it out. Thankfully I was alone.

Apparently this is somewhat common or at least not entirely uncommon. There are entire websites devoted to migraine aura art where people attempt to show what they see. Apparently although your visions will generally be the same, they vary completely from person to person. Do you get migraines?

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  1. I get the aura migraines and they are a wicked bitch. My vision, however, goes out and back in much like yours does, but only in one eye. So, it's not too uncommon for me to get one during the day (mine are triggered by light doing wonky things to my eye) and then I spend the rest of the day teaching with one eye closed.


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