Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sky Writing...

Between bouts of coughing and vomiting Skyler has kept busy trying to write her name in cursive. She's alternately very proud of herself and upset that it isn't perfect (to which I recite the Mommy Mantra of "practice makes perfect"). This is from tonight:

Does anyone write correctly in cursive anymore? I wrote all our names out for examples for her and it looked like grade school writing (the idea I guess). My point is that I don't write my name with a large oval A or three humps in my lower case m. Do you?

You know what makes me a horrible person? That I got a giggle when a friend who just two weeks ago was Pshawing the seriousness and misery of the H1N1 virus, caught it, bad. Karma is a bitchy bitchy lady my friends.


  1. good job Sky!! Im freaked out over this H1N1 flu, I give you a standing ovation for doing such a great job!! I know deep down all the bleaching and sanitizing will not help and its coming here soon too

  2. ha, well as you can tell from my post, i definitely do not write in "proper" cursive either..!

  3. I do. Very well. And I catch hell when I use it. Seems it's much too "girly" for a man to use. I call it my "schoolmarm" font...


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