Thursday, December 03, 2009

Graduation Day...

There comes a time in every Mommy's tenure when the size of her family has been decided, her children are no longer in car seats, they can open and close the vehicle doors themselves, they no longer need sippy cups or a Wiggles video in order to get from point A to point B. There is a time when she graduates from the mini-van to the car. And the Mommy does a little dance of joy and feels like a grown-up vs. a bus driver.

Last month my van started to die and thus the decision was made that I graduate to a grown-up vehicle. One without crumbs or stains or rows. One with a trunk for the soccer balls and lawn chairs to be hidden away. One that doesn't have an echo when I drive alone or make the beeping sound when I back up (exaggeration).

I have graduated and I love it!


  1. so what did you get? we went looking the other day as well. but i will never graduate out of my SUV, this is why Ben will never graduate out of the Honda. I love driving it with no kids. Its my weekday pleasure :)

  2. Oh, but that makes me a little sad for you. No? We just got a GMC Acadia this summer and I HEART it but I do dream of a little Saab someday. Ok, not so sad for you anymore. YEAH!


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