Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Interview With a Six and an Eight Year Old...

I took the time to interview my little brats at dinner the other night. They were rather serious about the whole thing but still cracked me up!

1. Why are there Mothers?
Sky: To take care of you
Zack: to help children

2. Why are there Fathers?
Sky: To play with you
Zack: to help their mother make a baby

3. How are Mothers made?
Sky: Their Mother's make them.
Zack: by their parents

4. How are Fathers made?
Sky: Their Mothers.
Zack: by their parents

5. What ingredients are Mothers made of?
Sky: They love you very much
Zack: love

6. What ingredients are Fathers made of?
Sky: playness
Zack: muscles

7. Why do you have your Mother and not some other Mother?
Sky: Because you were made by your mother
Zack: she's more special than other mothers

8. Why do you have your Father and not some other Father?
Sky: Mothers and Fathers have codes inside them. If they don't marry each other, the kids they gave birth to won't be there.
^ she's attempting to explain DNA and why she wouldn't be the same person if she didn't have the same Mom and Dad.
Zack: to protect us

9. What kind of little girl was your Mom?
Sky: when you were six you had freckles
Zack: a sweet girl

10. What kind of little boy was your Dad?
Sky: He didn't have "the respect" and Santa Claus has "the respect"
^ okay this one requires some explanation. Matt has recently grown a beard and refers to it as "respect". Skyler calls it that quite happily. I roll my eyes and tell him to shave.
Zack:a funny boy

11. Why did Mom marry Dad?
Sky: to make kids
Zack: cuz they met when Daddy was in the Navy

12. Why did Dad marry Mom?
Sky: cuz he wanted children
Zack: they met when Daddy was in the Navy

13. What did your Mom need to know before she married Dad?

Sky: I don't know.
Zack: I don't know

14. What did your Dad need to know before he married Mom?

Sky: She had to look beautiful for Daddy
Zack: I don't KNOW

15. Who is the boss at your house?
Sky: Well YEAH. Mom. She's older than Daddy.
Zack: Daddy and Mama

16. What's the difference between Moms and Dads?
Sky: Mom has freckles
Zack: they don't have the same private areas
^ Zack is nothing if not literal.

17. What does Mom do in her spare time?
Sky: Shop
Zack: nap and read a book

18. What does Dad do in his spare time?
Sky: hang out with friends. Daddy golfs.
Zack: Watch tv

19. What would it take to make Mom perfect?
Sky: Nothing
Zack: snuggle with me all the time and hold onto me

20. What would it take to make Dad perfect?

Sky: Shave his respect.
Zack: to be awesome

21. If you could change one thing about Mom what would it be?
Sky: perfect the way she is
Zack: nothing

22. If you could change one things about Dad what would it be?
Sky: Shave his beard.
Zack: nothing


  1. So fun! I hope you save these. I remember I did this with Garrett once. His answers were so cute. They'd probably be so different now.


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