Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Summer in Australia...

My brain is mush today. I can't put two thoughts together. Let's see what sort of random blabbing I can come up with for you:

* My cousin Melissa moved to Australia this summer. How awesome is it that the whole family can easily stay in touch via Skype? During a recent family get together, she got to join in the fun:

* Zack's grade had an open house for honor roll students last week. They got a medal and each time after this that they receive honor roll they receive a pin to add to their medal ribbon. He was quite proud of himself.

* On the flip side, he's lost his science book and didn't mention it's missing status to us until 5 minutes before we were to leave the house yesterday. I made him go through his schedule and figure out the last time he brought it home for homework, October 15th. So, it's either been missing in our house since then, or it's in the school somewhere. My powers of finding things once they leave our house is minimal. His input on the situation is vague at best. He just keeps repeating "it's lost" as though that's a magical place that Mother's are responsible for. Is it possible to LoJack every item your kid owns?

* I'm just about done with Holiday shopping. Amazon Prime is my friend. If it exists in the world of amazon, I can have it in two days. I will change the item that I am purchasing if the options are go to retail store vs. shop at amazon. Retail stores are the epitome of hell on earth right now.

* And finally, for your enjoyment, pictures from almost exactly one year ago:

I'm told that there's no magical white stuff at Grammy's yet, but she's doing a snow dance every morning. That should do it right?


  1. LOVE Skype. We talk to daddy at the firehouse and say goodnight when he works. It's a lifesaver some nights. I remember those pics, I love them. I sure hope Grammy's snow dance works. All kids deserve a white Christmas.

  2. Skype really makes thing a little easier specially if you are far away from people who are important to yah. Specially when at times that you don't want to leave the house, this happens to me during Australian summer because the heat wave is just too much in some areas and it could be dangerous at times so I just stay home and chat with my buddies and friends.


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