Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just Repeating Myself...

We've had a lot to get accomplished this week, the week before Christmas. I've been very busy, boxing, wrapping, shopping, packaging, organizing, laundrying, shopping, baking, delivering, and let's not forget that pesky full-time job thing. This of course means that the kids' attention sensors go off and they realize that they are not getting their usual quota of 100 % of my positive attention and, being kids, they know that any attention is good attention so they start with the bickering and the fighting and the non.stop.talking and the not listening so that I will have to acknowledge that they are not listening and the OHMYGODSI'MABOUTTOLOSEMYMIND!!!!!!

If I have to repeat the following phrases one more time, you'll have to check me into the loony bin:
Brush your teeth
Do your homework
Put on a coat
Hang up your coat
Pick your socks up off the floor
Quit antagonizing your sister
Stop jumping on my bed
Get in Bed.
Get in Bed.
Get in Bed.
ZIP it

I feel like I have said nothing but those phrases to them all week long. I can't wait for vacation. I have every intention of doing some hard core hibernating while they play outside with their cousins!


  1. Ugh! I hear ya. This week in my house it's been
    Leave your brother alone!
    Don't be so rough!
    Is that a good choice or a bad choice?
    Do you want to go back to timeout?
    Don't touch the tree
    Don't eat the presents

    Tis the season...

  2. mine is 'watch your language" "don't cuss" "you sound like a sailor"

    and these are my beautiful teenage daughters.... grrr..

  3. ZIP IT! haha! Such a good one!

  4. Oh, it's not just me? I've started writing them on cards which I will hand to them at the appropriate moment. They think it's funny. Been doing it more so since the break started. Need more cards.


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