Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Babble from my Brain to your Eyes...

* I've seen an unusually large number of people with purple highlights in their hair this month. Like this:

Is this a new thing? I didn't get the memo. There's even a t-shirt on Zazzle. The people I saw weren't actually WEARING a t-shirt but maybe they have one. Maybe you have to order it to get in the club.

* When you are preparing to park your vehicle and are given the option of numerous fantastic parking spaces, do you choose the pull-through one? You know the one where you can pull forward right into it and then not have to back out to get out of it? I've noticed that a lot of people do not in fact choose the pull-through space. Sometimes they park in the first space, not pulling up to the pull-through space, or, and this is REALLY weird, they back-up OUT of a space that has a perfectly good pull-through space right in front of them. This makes no sense to me. Why would you drive in reverse if it weren't necessary? Don't think I haven't wanted to stop these people and tell them they're doing it wrong.

* Skyler kept her southern accent in check while we were up north but as soon as we got back here she was twangin it up. I'm concerned for her. We're going to have to put her into some sort of anti-twang learning program or, as I threaten regularly, she's going to live with her grandmother. Zack, on the other hand, chose to tease his grandmother with a faux New England accent with perfect timing for max-humor. Why do I find that enjoyable but the former not? I just can't figure it out y'all. <---It even hurts to type it.

* Did you watch the Christmas episode of Modern Family? Matt and I almost died because the Dad, who's name I can't remember, punished the kids drastically by taking away Christmas which is exactly something Matt does. He dives right into WORST PUNISHMENT EVER for minor infractions and then feels bad and can't decide if he should undo it because then the kids will think he's weak. The whole scene was a perfect skit of a recent incident in our house. I love when that happens. It makes you feel that it's so common that it's in a freakin sitcom, quitcherbitchen about your poor life/problem/situation. We are not alone!

/random babble blogpost


  1. Now my wife want's purple highlights... sigh

  2. I toyed with a southern twang when I was Skylar's age. It did not take. There is hope. ;)


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