Monday, December 28, 2009

Recap (that's how I do it)...

We're just off the road from a week in freezing cold New England. There was snow, and family, and cold, and naps, and friends, and food, and fun, and joy, and gifts, and giving, and visiting, and adventure, and driving, and love, and a wonderful time had by all.

We drove like race car drivers to beat the Mid-Atlantic storm and arrived in Massachusetts just as the snow began. The kids were outside with their cousins climbing mountains and building snow forts until after dark. We sat inside and just talked and talked with Mom and Ben & Shelle.

Sunday was spent getting the kids into their snow gear and then getting them out of their snow gear and then getting them into their snow gear again x a kajillion. I'm sure I took a nice nap in there somewhere. Mom and I also snuck out while it was still snowing to finish our shopping. We beat the holiday crowds as they were still shoveling snow and got out of there just as the other shoppers arrived. We thought we were pretty slick and celebrated with a drink at the 99 Restaurant.

Monday we drove into Boston and took the kids to the Museum of Science. We all learned a few things and with the exception of the obligatory gift-shop parent/child battle of wills we had a great family outing.

Tuesday Mom and I did more shopping, this time mostly for ourselves (squee) while Matt and Zack and Ben went to see Avatar (best movie EVER according to Zack) and Skyler got to spend time with her favorite Aunt Shelle and her cousins.

Wednesday there was a lot of cuddling and napping and playing and general hibernating.

Thursday morning the kids got to open all of their presents as my niece Nadia was with us for the day. There was lots of joy and exclamations of excitement by all. What a wonderful morning. Thursday evening was spent with our extended family that we don't get to see enough of!!! Pirogi YUM! We even got to chat with my cousin Melissa who is having her first Aussie Christmas.

Friday we exchanged gifts with Mom and Ben & Shelle and the kids. We went sledding (SO fun) and enjoyed dinner and games and general silliness.

Saturday was packing and hitting the road. Sad.

In addition to all of that, Skyler cracked open her chin, lost a tooth, and scraped a big chunk of skin off her wrist (I'm still not convinced it isn't broken). We played a thousand rounds of fetch with my mother's cat, yes cat. We stuffed our faces, layered on clothes, wrapped gifts, and then unwrapped them. There were stories told and stories made. There were laughs and tears.

We can't wait to do it again next year.


  1. So glad you had fun. Can't wait to catch up in person. Loves.

  2. I love all the hubbub surrounding a big family Christmas... and the fact that I can drink a lot without any comments... and also the fact that we go home tomorrow and get back to life.


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