Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Work Related Vent...

I have a work-place related vent.

The company I work for makes high-tech widgets and doodads that are used in a high-tech field. The majority of our employees are involved in designing these widgets and doodads, building them, taking them apart, programming them etc. HOWEVER, the employees that have both an X and a Y chromosome seem to be completely incapable of operating a copy machine. They walk into the copy room and start poking at buttons, get frustrated, then turn to the closest pair of X chromosomes and ask them how to work "this thing".

How is it that these people can design and operate the most complicated widget you can imagine but can't make one piece of paper duplicate itself? It's total bullshit that falls back to a time when there were "copy girls". Now they are convinced that this is women's work and they refuse to learn.

I battle this by opening my eyes wide, shaking my head, and saying "I don't know. I'm just a user like you" then backing away slowly. I refuse to do it for them.

Have any of you experienced this phenomenon?


  1. If you copy machine you mean washing machine then yes, I have experienced this. Ha!

  2. too funny! Of course in my line of work it's the customers. For about the last 10 years female pharmacists have out-numbered male, but many people always look at me and say "*YOU"RE* the pharmacist??" And they will look at a male tech and ask for help. Luckily the techs will tell them that I'm the one to ask.


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