Monday, January 18, 2010

Botanical Garden 2010...

We expected some decent weather this weekend so we made plans with Mike & Amy & Nate to meet at the Botanical Garden. This was a great opportunity for me to brush off my camera which has been sitting lonely since our winter vacation.

The adorable Nathan and his buddy Tao.

The airport is right near the Botanical Garden. Excellent for a little boy who loves airplanes.

I love getting right up in their faces.

This patch of ice was the highlight of the entire morning. All three kids, but especially Nathan, had a blast slipping and sliding.

Word is that the eagles have been spending a lot of time in/near their nest. No sign of eggs yet though. We caught sight of the female.

Fun and laughter was had by all!


  1. I love that the patch of ice is the highlight. :D Want to come visit? I've got a veritable Disney World outside my door.

  2. Great pictures! We had a blast.

  3. Nate has been fake sliding and falling on the kitchen floor. He thinks it's hysterical!

  4. Great pictures! Are those not three of the cutest kids ever? And is Zack all brown now, no more blonde? Really great.


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