Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Filling Me In...

I got an itty bitty filling today. The dentist's office which is always always on time was running late. I take an unusual amount of novocaine to numb my mouth. The dentist said "It's always the 5:30 patients that don't get numb" and I replied "I was a 4:30 patient, you should have numbed me in the waiting room."

He had to use so much that the entire left side of my face is numb from my neck to my forehead. This ought to be a fun evening!


  1. oh no! That happened to me one time and I ended up biting the inside of my cheek repeatedly and not even knowing it! I hope your numbness wears off soon!

  2. that sucks! at least the fillings now are tooth colored. I have some from way back when that are silver. Blah.


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