Thursday, January 21, 2010

Foamy Blue Awesomeness in a Can...

Both of my showers are made of that fiberglass stuff that is textured on the bottom so someone who is clumsy like I am won't slip and break a hip. While I'm thankful that both of my hips are intact, the textured parts of the showers are a complete bitch to clean. I've tried every cleaner you can think of and even tried soaking them in OxiClean for multiple hours, bleach, powdered bleach paste, and lots of elbow grease. They still looked dingy.

My kids are every marketer's dream as they remember every advertisement, every jingle, and can probably recite to you the major selling points of any national product. *parenting fail* Recently they started pestering me to buy some new magic blue spray that cleans the bathrooms. I was amused that they cared. Well they don't. They were intrigued that you just spray it on blue and when it turns to white your bathrooms are CLEAN! HA HA! We all know THAT isn't true.

Then a few days later I was at Target staring at the cleaning products looking for something to work on the damn showers floors. That's when this caught my eye:

I only bought it because nothing else had worked and maybe I could talk my kids into cleaning the bathroom. Then I realized that letting them loose on the bathroom with a spray product that lets out blue foam wasn't the greatest idea so I did it myself.

OMG people. It WORKED. Do you hear me? It WORKED. I sprayed the whole tub blue, it turned white quickly but I decided to leave it there for a few hours. When I came back with a scrub brush and attacked it the grime came right off and rinsed away. I was shocked! Days later Matt even asked what I had done. MATT NOTICED THE FLOOR OF THE SHOWER!

Get thee to a store and get some Kaboom Foam-tastic. I don't understand why it worked better than oxi-clean as that's what's in it, but it did.

The End.


  1. Don't be turning in to one of THOSE people who clean. You're gonna make me look bad.

    But thanks - I'm gonna try it because my shower is ICK. I tried hard to clean the shower last week and it didn't even look like I'd touched it which is oh so frustrating. Luckily the doors are off the shower since Mike's painting and making my bathroom pretty so it should be even easier to get in there.

  2. Hmmm, interesting. I tried the Ka-Boom toilet cleaner and was not impressed, but blue foam sounds like fun.

  3. William and I are off to Target once that babe wakes up. I will for sure buy this. Sounds like KaBoom should put you on their payroll!

  4. I certainly wouldn't complain! Really though, their marketing team got my kids. I otherwise would not have known this product existed. I don't watch commercials.

  5. I would buy it just because it's called FOAM-TASTIC!! Good to know it actually works too! Thanks!

  6. Ok, so I bought some yesterday. My shower is maroon tile and (no thanks to me) is pretty shiny BUT my kitchen sink drives me crazy. Within 2 days it's dingy and gross and I'm tired of laying bleach soaked paper towels in there. I used Kaboom on it yesterday and voila! Sparkle! Thank you.

  7. ok ..I'm red mill right around the corner so going to run out and try it. i wasn't sure if i will ever be able to see the floor of my old 1987 tub (in my master bath where I don't let anyone in there but me!) we shall see!!

  8. Thats awesome! i've been looking for something for our shower! We have these stupid shower doors and StUPID hard water and the calcium buildup is crazy! i'm hoping this works! thanks for the tip! :)

  9. My friend, Lisa Crowder, gave me your site to look up.....I am impressed....I have used some kaboom for the toilet...but our toilets are only a couple of yrs they came clean fast...but our tub is old.....think I will mosey down to Target!!! I think Kaboom and Target should put you on their payroll as a consultant!!!


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