Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Will Continue...

I was tooling around the blogosphere this morning and came across a funny little post(which I cannot now find) listing ten things that the writer was resolving to continue in 2010 because she knew she wasn't going to keep resolutions. It cracked me up and I'm nothing if not an anonymous follower. I decided to give it a whirl myself.

Ten Things I Resolve Not To Change in 2010:

1. I will continue not to believe a word other people say unless it is confirmed by my friend and yours, Google.

2. I will continue to be slightly irritable at all times. Who needs people to like you anyway?

3. I will continue to be completely intolerant of stupid.

4. I will continue to hate cheese (except in cream form or on a pizza) because that shit is nasty - I don't care what you say. You can't convince me otherwise and many have tried.

5. I will continue to be completely envious of the photography skills of others and will probably do absolutely nothing about refining my own. I'm lazy like that.

6. I will continue to have phone phobia. The internet was born for people like me.

7. I will continue to not understand the attraction people have for Johnny Depp. Ew people.

8. I will continue to forget about 60% (maybe more) of what people say to me. Apparently my hard drive is full. This might be why I have to rely so much on my friend and yours, Google.

9. I will continue to drink coke and chew ice even though my dentist tells me both are bad for me. There are only so many little pleasures in life.

10. I will continue to write my blog, even if you all leave me, but don't because then I might have to talk to you one the phone (please refer to #6).

Hey LOOK. I found it. I knew Google wouldn't let me down. Here's the post that inspired my list.


  1. I will continue to be slightly irritable at all times. Who needs people to like you anyway?

    Ahahaha! I love that. Change it to "slightly bitchy at all times" and you have me! Great list :)

  2. I will continue to read your blog!

  3. I like this a lot since I'm not big for resolutions since I always fail. Making a list of things I will continue to do is a great idea. I may steal this idea for my blog!


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