Monday, January 18, 2010

Nice Belt...

Yesterday I took the kids to the local roller rink for their school's fund raiser. This is a favorite for them as they get to skate their faces off and all their buddies from school are there. At the end of the evening Skyler skated over and scooted down in a squat. I came up behind her and bent over to sort of hug her/pick her up. At that same moment she popped up out of her squat and cracked her very hard skull into my right cheek bone. I saw stars and heard a buzzing sound and thought for sure I was going down. I sat for a minute holding my face making sure I wasn't going to pass out and was reminded of a time when I was in second grade. My parents had taken us ice skating at a local frozen pond and I fell and cracked my cheek. By Monday morning it was a lovely shade of green. I remember standing at my teacher's desk showing her some of my work and her saying "Nice belt" and me looking down and thinking, of my lovely rainbow belt, "yeah it is". That's as much of the conversation I remember in detail. I'm pretty sure we managed to convince each other of what we were speaking as a. I remember this story so vividly and 2. she didn't end up calling CPS.

So yeah, my cheek hurts today =(


  1. Oh, that makes me hurt for you. I can feel that by you describing it. Are you green yet from this one?


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