Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Which Size...

If you are female you are aware of the idiocy that is the sizing of woman's clothing. I'd like to point out though, that it starts at a young age. Buying clothes for my kids is two totally different experiences.

Shirts - Size medium unless it is a tank top, then it's a size small
Pants - size 7 if they have the zip tie sizer thingy and buttons, if they're elastic waisted they'll be too big for her in any size that goes down to her ankles
Shorts - size 6 with the zip ties, size extra-small in elastic waist
Skirts - size 6 with zip ties, elastic waisted skirts won't cover her butt in a size that fits in the waist
Undies - she still fits quite happily in the ones she potty trained in five years ago. Size 3T/4T. (Tiny butt much?) She's got some size S but they're all gapey in the leg.
Dresses: If it's sundress style, size 6 but it'll be short. If it's not a sundress, size 7 or 8.

All clothes size 14 or L

Ridiculous. Each time someone asks me what size Skyler wears I pause and say "Uh..."

Does anyone else have this problem?


  1. Grrrr...I thought this was just Violet's problem, but I guess it is universal. If length is no issue, Violet can wear things as small as 18 months on her behind. Tights are a nightmare to buy. There is no reconciling her tiny bum and long legs.

  2. I have the same problem myself! Since I'm tall, most stuff that fits my body is too short (pant legs or sleeves) but if I buy it long enough, it's all baggy on my body. My shirts can be small, med OR large depending on so many factors. YUCK! It never ends!

    Your Words With Friends Pal,
    Stacie :)

  3. Kelly - you reminded me, Skyler doesn't usually wear tights for some unknown Skyler reason but over Winter Vaca she wanted a pair that matched a skirt she has. One day last week she was wearing them sans skirt (natch) and I realized that the crotch was down to her knees. They are size 7-10. CRAZY!

    Stacie - I'm having fun playing someone I know on Words With Friends, none of my IRL friends have come over :(


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