Friday, February 05, 2010

Augmentin is my Friend...

After my coworkers starting spraying lysol in my general direction I decided to call the doctor. Is anyone surprised to learn that I have a sinus infection? Me neither. He also informed me that the meds I'm taking for RA have suppressed my immune system but that I'll adjust eventually and won't always be this oh so attractive body of hacking, feverish, snot.

I'm currently drinking a hot cup of tea AND a glass of orange juice over ice. I couldn't decide and both are anecdotally good for the symptoms of a cold so there you have it.

I'm hoping to start a new book this weekend. I just haven't decided what that book will be. Push just came up on my list at the library so that will probably be it. I also want to read one of Zack's books The Lightning Thief. I told him he had to finish it before I'd take him to see the movie. He's about half way through and stalled so I thought if I read it too we could discuss and I could urge him on. I got him the Guide to the Books and Movie which had sections on each characters and collectible cards and that has re-spurned his interest as it asks all sorts of questions about which god you come from and what your abilities would be. I'm all for anything that will keep my kids reading. Boxes from amazon show up at our door weekly. I also think it's a good idea for us, as parents, to read the books they're reading. So, in conclusion, we have the choice between a horribly abused child or one that is the half-blood son of the gods. Definitely two different moods huh?


  1. Sinus infection - yuck! That sucks that it's from your meds hope you adjust soon, there are so many bugs going around at the moment.

    I'm all for the hot drink when I'm ill - have you tried hot fresh orange jiuce, that's what I like when I have problems with sinus stuff. I just have a big mug with half fresh orange half boiling water, sometime I zap it in the microwave too.

    I have 3 Alexander McCall Smith books in beautiful hardback sitting on my bedside table, just need to start one.

    I hoe you feel better soon,

  2. Oooh I'm not familiar with Alexander McCall Smith. I'm always looking for a recommendation. I'm going to have to check him out on goodreads. What do you recommend?

  3. I hope you feel better soon. I hate sinus infections.

    I actually prefer to read kids books. I am so often disappointed by adult lit. Kids books never fail to entertain and it helps me expand my library for Violet.

  4. Oh, I'd definitely go with the Percy Jackson book. It's a fast and fun read. I was a total Greek mythology geek when I was about Zack's age, so reading that series was a bit of nostalgic journey for me. Besides, being sick is depressing...why would you want to torture yourself further?

  5. I hope you feel better! I too got the mother of all sinus infections when I was newly diagnosed and starting meds. Way to add insult to injury, right? Take it easy and lose yourself in a good book is an excellent plan. I'm reading the new Pat Conroy (South of Broad) and recommend it highly! :)


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