Monday, February 01, 2010

A Blogger Named Amanda...

I was just scrolling through my Google Reader and realized that I read an unusual number of blogs written by someone with the name Amanda. I rarely ever meet anyone named Amanda so how did I come upon so many blogs written by Amandas? And was it just coincidence that I liked them and added them to my google reader or is there some subconscious love for all things Amanda? Interesting.

Here are some other great Amandas that write blogs:

All Flared UP

Amanda Rulong Photography

Kevin & Amanda's Blog

Sometimes...Life Doesn't Suck

Okay, well four doesn't seem like a lot, but really, there just aren't that many Amandas in the world and with me that makes five. Five Amanda bloggers. Clearly it takes little to entertain me.


  1. Hi Amanda,

    I like bloggers named Amanda too. :) Except that I know lots. I had a class in middle school with SIX of us and this guy would yell "Amanda" to see how many of us he could get to turn around. Mean! I read your blog and see that you're newly diagnosed- let me know if you need anything. I imagine it's hard right now but it does get better!

    Amanda :)

  2. That is so weird! I've got one other Jade in my google reader, two Jade's is quite a few as it's quite an uncommon name. I've only got one Amanda on my reader (you!) but I know two Amandas in 'real life'.

  3. "...or is there some subconscious love for all things Amanda?" Ya think!!!!!!


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