Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ho. Not the Ho-Ho That You Eat and Not Ho-Ho-Ho From Santa Claus. HO...

I took the kids to the grocery store with me Tuesday, something I try my best never to do. We were there to get milk and cereal and nothing else because we were at the closer to the house but much more expensive grocery store. By the time I had walked from one end of the store to the other we, of course, had much more than milk and cereal, I had yelled at them numerous times, made a trip to the bathroom, been burned with lava because I walked on the wrong colored tiles, and was probably about to spend four times what I had planned on spending. So I stop my cart in front of the registers and am trying to think. The kids are browsing through the magazines. Zack walks back over, interrupts my thought process and says:

"Mom, do people who look like they are going to be naked for sex get money and are called Ho's?"

*blink blink blink*


Me: What did you say? Wait. Remember what you were going to say and lets talk about this in the car okay? I'll answer you but let's do it in the car.

Then I look up and see that he had caught site of this:

Holy SHIT people! He is eight years old. I am not ready for these conversations even though I knew exactly where this was coming from. Zack has a buddy that is the same age, but HE has a brother who is thirteen. K is a nice polite kid that I enjoy having over, his brother is Eddie Haskell.

So we get in the car and I get the gist of what Zack is asking even though I can't believe that he's even got these ideas on his radar. Basically Zack is aware of what sex is (we had the talk last year or the year before THAT was fun). He's also aware of sexy or hot, he's a boy. His friend had informed him that a Ho is someone who has sex for money (thank you Eddie Haskell). He wanted to know if all girls that are on magazines (IN THE GROCERY STORE) are Hos (even though he doesn't entirely understand what that means). Good gracious I was tip-toeing through all of that. I want him to come to me and ask any question he can think of. I don't want him to rely on the Eddie Haskells of the world to inform him of what's what. But we should get some sort of warning or something. The stumbling and the fumbling and the fact that Skyler was with us was just HORRIBLE. I ended this highly educational moment with the reminder that these are grown-up thoughts and grown-up words and that I didn't want him talking about them. That other parents would certainly not appreciate him teaching their child these new words but that he could ask me anything in the whole wild world and I would do my best to explain it to him.

Now my Mother is reading this (Hi Mom!) thinking you told him WHAT? But really Mom, it's better if we just talk about it. Shutting him up will only encourage him to try to figure it out on his own and frankly his computer skills scare me. ;-)


  1. aaawwwwkkkkwaaarrrrd!!

    But you recovered nicely. Well done, Mom!!

  2. Oh, my... off to lock my 18 month old son in the attic for about 16 and a half more years! I hate hate hate grocery store checkout lanes!

    (thanks for stopping by my blog!)

  3. I'm just laughing, I so understand! Lol


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