Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dr. Laura...

Oddly enough, I have two things to say about Dr. Laura.

Thing One, when I get in the car after work, the radio station that I listen to at lunchtime is playing Dr. Laura and I cannot change that shit fast enough. I tried listening to her a few times but she is a douche. Every time I get in the car she is berating one of her callers. Seriously that woman is mean.

Thing B is a story. I cannot reveal my sources as this is a true story (about someone related to me) but I find it hilarious enough to bother to tell. SO there was this man who was a frequent driver and a frequent listener of Dr. Laura's Program. His son was "married" to a woman that, for whatever reasons, the man didn't like. At some point, he decided that it would be a good idea (considering Thing One I can't imagine why) to call Dr. Laura and get her advice about what to do about his dislike for his son's wife. What do you think happened? THE WIFE HEARD THE SHOW and recognized her FIL's voice. Oh yes she did. What happened after that I wasn't told, I'm sure it wasn't pretty. All parties are still related, to each other and to me, and the story is still told with a chuckle at least a couple of times per year. Can you even imagine?

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  1. That's incredible. I listened to her yesterday on the way home from an appt. (alone in the car meant I could actually hear the radio) and I could not believe how MEAN she was to every single person. I know I've listened to her before and I knew I wasn't a big fan but man, she was really rude and mean. Why do people love her so much? It's one thing to tell it like it is, it's another to be mean. Your story is hilarious, though. Can you imagine??


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