Thursday, March 04, 2010

Gold Card...

Last night we were sitting around the dinner table enjoying my usual round of questions about the kids' day at school. Zack's friend K had joined us so discussion was livelier than usual because my two had some showing off to do.

As we eat dinner I usually ask the kids "How was your day?", "What was the best part of your day?", "What was the worst part of your day?", "What activities did you do?" etc etc. When I asked Skyler about her extra class (art, music, library, computer lab) she said "I had library today". I asked her if she got a new book because she's been plowing through all things Junie B. Jones and I can't keep up with our local library. She says "Yeah I got four". Both boys eyes bulged. Most lower grade kids get to borrow one book at a time, the older grades can borrow two. Then K says "Oh, do you have a library gold card?".

The CHILD has a GOLD CARD for the library that allows her to borrow more books because she's some super reader or something. The fact that the first card she's given with which she can borrow something has been labeled a Gold Card and they quickly upped her "limit" does not bode well for our future with her.


  1. That is awesome! Do you have a Half Price Books near you? Look them up online (i used to work for them). You can buy books cheap and then sell them back to feed the girl's addiction.

  2. LOL

    You know what's next, right? Platinum.


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