Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lice, the Recap...

Surely you noticed that I had a bit of a bloggy melt-down three posts ago when I discovered that the girl child has lice. *shudder* Did you just scratch your head right then? Yeah even the word makes you twitchy.

Thursday evenin, long after she should have been in bed, Skyler came into my room whining that her head itched. I tried to send her back to bed but there was the typical "I don't want to go to bed whining" so I said "FINE" and started pawing at her scalp. I looked and looked and just as I was convinced that she was just prolonging bedtime torture I saw something MOVE. Mother-fucker there was a bug in her hair. (Yes Mom that word was necessary. There were BUGS in my daughters HAIR). I gave the little critter to Matt and had him go seek the advice of Dr. Google. I put Skyler in the bathtub, scrubbed her head, and then started picking through it with a comb. I found two more live ones. Matt came up confirming the diagnosis. There wasn't much we could do that night so I slathered her hair in a thick layer of tea tree oil conditioner, wrapped her head in saran wrap (oh yes I did), added a towel turban, and sent her to bed.

I sent up the Mommy Signal and received all sorts of advice from near and far. There's the mayonnaise method, the Cetaphil method, the olive oil method, and the petroleum jelly method that all basically smother the lice. Or you can go full guns and use Nix to kill them dead with pesticides.

The next day was H.E.L.L. I combed her out again in the morning and found one live one. I decided that since I had attempted the smother method last night (although I didn't have all the details and probably didn't do enough smothering) and there were still live ones, Skyler doesn't have particularly sensitive skin, plus the with the ICK factor, I was going with the big guns. We purchased the Nix kit at Target. I spent ALL afternoon on this kid's head. At one point as I was picking at nits and combing combing combing she said "why don't you just cut it". I was so tired at that point that I pulled her hair back in a pony tail and snipped it straight across. After more picking and picking and picking she and I both had a meltdown. She started crying "I don't want to do this anymore" and I cried back "I don't EITHER". We were done.

Might I also mention that Friday is my horrible medication day where I usually curl up in a ball and sleep? The boy child had an assembly I had to attend AND a dentist appointment? When Matt got home at 5:00 I went to bed and slept until 8:30 the next morning.

I spent the rest of the weekend periodically picking through her hair like a mother chimpanzee. We found some nits but no more live critters. I'm hoping that with another treatment at the end of this week, we don't see a resurgence. I'm scared. Hold me.


  1. I don't know what is more awful, the chemicals or the idea of an all day long combing session. Violet howls at the mere sight of a comb.

    I'm holding you right now.

    That sounds creepy...

  2. Oh, yes, lice. We went through that two years ago. It sounds like it's mostly under control...I sure hope so for your sake. Our experience was damn near three weeks long.

    Love to you!

  3. Heebie jeebies on your behalf. Alex had lice at 11 and her hair is SOOO THICK. I feel for ya.

    Can she go to school?

  4. I sent her to school yesterday because I hadn't found any live ones in since Friday. The nurse checked her on her way in in the morning and didn't find anything either. I was picking and combing and sifting again last night. I'm on super alert for any nits hatching although the Nix box said it killed nits too.

    Shelli - your story terrifies me. I keep hearing you say "hundreds" and just ick ew yuck.

    Kelly - I did ask to be held. Thank you! Oh and thank you for your lice suggestion too.

    Amy - I can't imagine Alex's hair with lice. Remember when I tried coloring it? It's CRAZY thick.

  5. Do not forget to watch the bed clothes, hair scrunchies, and anything else that has touched her head. I had a friend whose kids caught the dreaded lice and she found them a week later in the couch cushions where her daughter normally laid down to sleep....they hop, they go from person to person....

    I am so sorry...I would have reacted with just as much insanity if not worse!

    I spoke elsewhere about my childhood experience with lice...my hair was so thick my mother would have surely shaved me if I had caught them...thankfully, it was only my sister who wore a bob after that....but her hair grew fast :)

    The things we do as moms....

    You rock, but you know that already ;)

  6. hey i read your blog. i live in India. Can u post pictures of your city

  7. Dee - thanks for the commiseration.

    I've read way more than you anyone ever should about bugs this week and found that lice are crawlers not hoppers. Which made me feel SLIGHTLY better. I washed everything in her room, vacuumed, and sprayed the living room furniture with the nix spray. I boiled all her hair gear, headbands, ponytail holders, combs, brushes, barrettes etc.

    The other good bit of information is that a louse cannot live longer than 24 hours away from a host so anything that wasn't used in awhile isn't overly suspect but I took precautions.

    I told Zack that if I find a bug on him I'm just shaving his head. Done.


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