Friday, March 12, 2010



That is all.


  1. Fairy Tales Hair care products. They are all natural and not gross. They aren't as good at clearing up an infestation, but they PREVENT them very well. The shampoo will also kill fleas if you have any furry friends at home.

  2. We have a product here called Moove, which is great. It's really really thick but also made of natural products. You also have to apply it 3 times in total rather than the normal 2 times.

    I HATE LICE!!!!!!!

  3. I had lice when I was Skyler's age and it was horrible. I remember my mom saying as she was picking out things from my hair, "Gah, we should just shave your head." I was horrified and terrified. Watch your words during this time as frustrating as it may be! And good luck getting rid of them. I had a whole head of long hair just like S does. What a mess.


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