Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stupid People Should Not Be Allowed to Work at Libraries...

Skyler got her first cavity and filling on Friday. Upon hearing that she had a cavity I promptly told her that YES it was going to hurt to get it filled. She then became a brushing fiend and then was very very brave for her filling. She went in to the chair chatting about shoes (are you surprised) and then proceeded to have a far better experience than I've ever had having a tooth filled. I'm thinking I'm switching to the pediatric dentist.

The library is right next to the dentist's office and since Skyler is blowing through the Junie B. Jones series, using up space on my library card, and already has a Gold Card for the school library, I figured it was time for her to get her own. She was SO.EXCITED. When I asked the first librarian what we had to do she questioned whether I was Skyler's mother with a doubtful look on her face. I did the slow "Yeeeeeeeeeeessss" and she replied "Oh my gosh you don't look old enough to be her mother!" HELLO NEW BEST FRIEND! So we fill out the form where you promise to love the books and never ever do anything unsavory to them and take it up to the desk where another librarian is there to help us. She is entering my info when she looks at my license (which is admittedly 6 years old) and says "I need YOUR license not hers". How many things are wrong with this statement? A. You are mean and you took away my happy cloud feelings from the other librarian. 2. She's SEVEN you can assume she does not have her own LICENSE. C. My name is on the license, matching the name right there on the form that says parent. 4. I don't look THAT different in my photo. Seriously. I don't . Conclusion, second librarian was stupid which I find insulting because she's surrounded by books which are lovely things that should be honored with smart people to care for them.

The kids got their Progress Reports yesterday and are doing great. I'm very pleased. Skyler asked how much money I owe her and was disappointed to hear that that's for report cards only. Zack had a comment on his that he needs to improve his work habits. Matt tried to explain that his grades would be even better if he had better work habits to which Zack shrugged and was clearly happy with what he's got going on now. Why work harder Dad?

When Matt went to turn Skyler's light off last night he found this:

A girl after my own heart. Since this, the vagina, and the freckles are the only way we are alike I can't tell you how very very happy this makes me!


  1. Number one, if you ever again tell those sweet children it hurts at the dentist I will bust your butt.
    Number two, rude people who work with the public should be monitored the 8 hours they are taking up space.
    Number three, Skyler has to be the youngest to fall asleep in the "so good I couldn't put it down" position.

  2. My Violet has fallen asleep with a book clutched in her paws a few times, but she's not really reading them...yet.

    Of course, I also suspect that she knows how to read a little and wants to keep it a secret.


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