Thursday, April 01, 2010

I'm The Fool...

Zack got me before I even got out of bed this morning.

Me: "KIDS wake-up. Get moving. Come on."

Zack: Stumbles into my room holding his stomach. "Mom I can't go to school today, my stomach hurts".

Me: "Oh you're going to school. You have to. Eat some breakfast and you'll feel better." *annoyed that he's pulling this crap but also wondering if his stomach really hurts*

Zack: "APRIL FOOL'S!!! HA! I got you!"

Me: "Oh My God. You little sneak. You did get me!"

He got Matt too. We were both really impressed that he didn't giggle or smirk, he played it off perfectly. My eyes were barely open yet.

My SIL Lashelle challenged me to get her this year. She's ready. She's up to the challenge, but I've got nothing. I guess I'm not feeling foolish this year. The day isn't over, maybe something will come to me!

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  1. I didn't experience any this year either, usually I notice a few on the news or at work but nobody seemed to be in a foolish mood this year!


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