Monday, April 19, 2010

Long Time Gone...

I know I've been MIA for about two weeks but I've been in recovery. Ha ha. I wish there were recovery for exhaustion.

The weekend before last I did this:

and this:

and ate this:

and this:

It was wonderful to meet up with twenty-five of my closest internet friends (I like to call them Imaginary although they're not imaginary any more), I must freely admit that I am not well enough to travel. It was horrible, awful, horrendous traveling with RA. I can't even describe the air travel (although while it was happening I was composing angry blog posts in my head) as the PTSD results in me curled up in the fetal position crying. Oh and I had laryngitis so I couldn't speak. Fun. Loads of fun.

Then I got back and slept and slept and got a sinus infection and some sort of bronchitisy thing. There were doctor's visits and antibiotics and more sleep. My kids were beginning to wonder if I'd ever leave my room.

Saturday was a gorgeous day and full of promise. I was feeling a bit better. The kids' soccer games were loads of fun until Zack fell and rolled his foot. It isn't broken thank the fsm but it's sprained and he's on crutches. Matt and I spent the rest of the weekend waiting on him to which Skyler declared "It's NOT FAIR!" I told her that when she breaks her foot I'll wait on her too.

That's where I've been. Don't come looking for me, it isn't pretty here.


  1. I've been wondering and checking in. I'm hoping that when you feel better you'll post about Vegas! I'd love to hear and see all about it. Hope this week brings good health back into your lives!!!

  2. I'm so sorry that you felt so miserable while you were in Vegas but I am super-duper, mega-excited happy that I got to give you a hug. <3 Take care of yourself, darling.

  3. It's always pretty around Amanda. <3

  4. Sarah is absolutely right. I know you felt miserable, but you did such a good job of putting a good face on it (at least, as far as I could see) that your wonderful heart really shone through the pain. I'm so glad you came out, even though you had to put your body through so much to be here, and next time the Mountain will come to Mohammed. <3


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