Thursday, April 08, 2010

Love What You Do...

About six months ago, Big Daddy (as we affectionately call Matt) got a new job. It was a job he longed for, one he interviewed multiple times for, one he had to pass multiple tests for, and be subjected to background checks and other personally invasive inquiries for.

Five years ago, he got out of the Navy. It was sudden. It was unexpected. It was a giant shock to our whole family. We didn't want the change and we weren't prepared for it. Matt had unique military qualifications. He took the first job that could make use of those qualifications and although doing very very well at what he did he endured almost five years of job suck-i-tude. The work was potentially fun and interesting but the employer didn't support their people or promote employee satisfaction. Matt has a high tolerance level due to his easy going nature so it took a long while before it broke him and he started the hunt (in the middle of the recession).

To say that this new job was a relief for us is an understatement. It eased so many areas of concern for our future. The best part though, is that my husband comes home every evening with a sparkle in his eye. If asked, he says he "LOVES" his job. He competes with the kids in the afternoon for time telling me about his day. He has true joy at going to work every day. I can't tell you what peace that brings, what enjoyment I get out of seeing him so happy.

Do you love your job? Are you happy to go there in the morning? Are you brimming with stories at the end of your day? If so, I'm so happy for you. If not, I'm here to attest that it makes all the difference in the world.


  1. That brought a tear to my eye. I love my job and love it more now that I am in a place that appreciates the employees. Will it last? I hope so. Loving what you do is one thing but being able to love actually going to work everyday is another.

  2. I'm so glad you love where you work!!!


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