Wednesday, May 12, 2010

April Reading Review...

Let's have a book update for the month of April. I've mostly been stuck in the 1800's-ish.

I finished Caught by Harlan Coban. I really enjoy his books. They're action/adventure type mystery books with a lot of humor thrown in in the form of sarcasm which is always delightful. If you haven't read any of his books yet, start with the Myron series.

I reread The Scarlet Letter. It's interesting to revisit different cultures in history. The Puritans were an unhappy superstitious lot. Nothing enjoyable here, just interesting. I think everyone read this in high school. Did you?

I finished Dearest Cousin Jane. This one was a story with the family members of Jane Austen as characters. There are tons of books written about Jane Austen it's nice to weave a book about her in with a book written by her. Somehow I got through high school and college without ever reading a Jane Austen novel. I think Sense & Sensibility is next somewhere down the line.

Then Remarkable Creatures popped up on my library hold list. Even after reading half of the book I can't figure out why I reserved it. It's dull. I think I'm going to kick it to the curb unfinished. I just have no desire to read another page. I don't care what happens to the characters. A big MEH to this one.

I did a pretty good skim job of 13 going on 18. I fear I've already lost Skyler to the tween years so I'm starting my own personal torture with self-help books geared towards getting you through the teen years. Maybe I should just start a therapy fund for the two of us?

That's it for physical books. I've got Little Women and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo ready on Kindle and a whole bunch of  hopefuls lined up on my library hold list.  Hopefully May is a better reading month than April.

I'm always looking for suggestions for something good. Leave me a comment.


  1. Ransom was suppose to read Scarlet Letter for school but didn't. Still aced the exam! I tried reading it and could not get through it. Currently reading Lake News by Barbara Delinsky. Takes place in NH.

  2. I think I read Lake News. Does it have to do with a newspaper? She owns it or runs it or works for one or something? LOL. There's a misty lake on the front cover? They (books) all start to run together after awhile.

  3. I wasn't crazy about "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" but a lot of my friends liked it!

  4. The comment I've heard most is that it's way too obvious that it's a translation.

  5. Pride and Prejudice, my dear. S&S pales in comparison.

    Have you ever read Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier? I really enjoyed it when I first read it.


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