Thursday, May 06, 2010

Backseat Driving...

I happened to look in the backseat of my car the other day and *shudder*. They've got more crap back there than I care to clean out. I'm not even sure where their feet go. I'm fairly sure that Skyler is mostly at fault as she's always bringing some cherished item into the car with her but rarely leaves with it. There's a pile-up.

Back in the fall, when we bought this car, I made it clear that they each have their side, they have to keep their side clean. We have a trash basket in the car. They are to use it and to remove whatever they brought into the car out with them. Hmph. Well that was SO not what was going on.

I looked back there last week and was disgusted. I yelled at the both of them that they had to clean out their side of the car that weekend. Fine. They agreed. When I checked a couple of days later what do you think I found?

Zack had moved everything from his side of the backseat to her side of the backseat. Skyler had completely ignored everything I said so she didn't even notice that her crap doubled. I'm not sure I want to fill her in. Had she listened to me she would have caught on to him.

Skyler will be cleaning the back of my car this weekend. I'd like to think that Zack would feel some guilt and join in, but he won't. He has absolutely no empathy for his sister. None.

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