Friday, May 28, 2010

Cutting to the Chase...

My kids have figured out that all the fairytale creatures that visit in the night are all darling me.  They still like to go through the motions and don't typically talk about it on easter or christmas or whatever but at other times of the year, they've asked questions and I've answered them truthfully.

So Wednesday Skyler spent the better part of her instructional school day getting a loose tooth out.  She showed it to me when she got home with lots of relief that that little pain in her mouth was gone.  As we were getting ready for bed, she thought about putting her tooth in her little tooth pillow, looked at me, said "Mom, you're the tooth fairy right?".  I said "Yes" with a small hesitation.  She handed me her tooth and said "here's my tooth, give me a dollar".  I had to crack up.  She was all business like.  Let's not go through the whole pillow/middle-of-the-night rigmarole, let's just work out this transaction right here.  I took her tooth.  She took her dollar.  I didn't have to stumble around the land mined filled trash pit she calls a bedroom searching for a tooth smaller than a tic tac.  Sometimes I like this growing up stuff!  Sometimes.


  1. That makes me laugh. I imagine my daughter will also do this to me after she tires of the tooth fairy ritual. For now, she is constantly on alert for a loose tooth. Not so much as a wiggle yet.

  2. I laughed out loud even though I knew what was coming. Gotta love it.


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