Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finding the Joy...

I have enough reasons to be down lately.  I am usually perfectly content to wallow in it but my bloggy friend Whimsy asked us (her minions) to find the joy in our day and to blog about it.  I read this request on Monday morning, not exactly my favorite day of the week.  I usually start Mondays by counting down how many minutes until Thursday afternoon.  But then I decided to just be open minded.  If I felt joy, I would recognize it and wallow in THAT instead of my usual negative outlook on how I'm feeling.

Nothing joyful actually popped to mind until this morning when I was reading Amy's blog about Nate and his two-ish-ness.  I started to chuckle remembering the age of two as almost unbearable.  Then I started to think about my kids and where they are now and started to reflect on how happy and agreeable and easy going Zack has been this week.  The more I thought about it the more I smiled and realized that I was feeling JOY.  Apparently, when you're out of practice, you have to go looking for it.

One particular moment of awesomeness was last night at bedtime.  Skyler was having a whiny night and was begging for her thousandth hug as a way to put off going to sleep.  Zack could sense that I had had it with her and so the next time she called out for another hug Zack yelled from his room "I'll give you a hug".  OMG my heart almost melted into a puddle of mush.  This child usually can't stand his sister and would rather touch worms than show her any affection.  She declined, but it was the same to me as if they were offering each other grand shows of affection every night.   It brought me JOY.

Thanks Whimsy.  I'll continue your project this week, it looks like I"m already learning something.


  1. This is such a nice idea, sometimes it's so easy to forget all the little precious things that are part of our life. I may try and join in with this next week.

  2. I can always find a little joy by catching a glimpse of my growing-too-fast girl in her almost too small underpants. Something about that cute, uncorrupted bum makes me happy no matter how crappy my day has been.

  3. How about the joy I got when Zack called me. Granted he wanted Montana's boyfriend I got joy just hearing his voice. And........he can't wait to see me this weekend. It truly is the little things in life that make me smile.
    Whimsy gets big points for this simple request!

  4. Lisa - you just made me cry!

  5. whenever I see my teenagers getting along it brings me joy too because I usually only hear them fighting with each other. glad you found your joy!

  6. Aww, sweetie kids.

    Nothing gets me more riled than my kids being mean to each other, and nothing gets me more mushpuddley than them being sweet to each other.

  7. THIS gives me joy... knowing that it's spreading, hearing it in your words, and dude... knowing that my child will one day be NOT two? That's pretty joyful too.

    So glad you're playing!


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