Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Little One Makes us Proud...

Saturday was one of those days where you have activities and appointments lined up every two hours and there's no time anywhere to stop and think, you just go flying from one to the next.  Towards the end of the day, around 6:30pm, we were racing by our house to drop off the kids and change and go out for drinks with friends and as I got out of the car I checked the mail.  I didn't have time to check the mail and really what could be in there that mattered on a Saturday evening? 

So I flip through the few pieces and see that one is addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Molnar and is from the school system.  These are usually very very good or very very bad, you know?

I sort of had an idea what it was about.  Skyler has been in the process, as every first grader in our state does, of going through gifted testing.  I know I've spoken of this before as Zack is currently in the gifted cluster at their school and we are just enamored with his gifted resources specialist and all of the really neat projects she comes up with.   Skyler gets excellent grades and is a leader in her class but in all honesty I didn't really think she was going to test gifted.  She and her brother do not think anything alike.  In fact, they are nothing alike.  I was prepared to request that she at least be in the classroom that the gifted cluster will be in next year so that she would benefit from that additional instruction.

So when I opened that particular piece of mail, I was expecting there to be a bit of disappointment on my part (Skyler would know nothing of what we speak).  It took me three readings of the letter, in the middle of the driveway, in 100 degree heat, and Matt coming out to find me, for me to realize that Skyler had been accepted to the gifted and talented SCHOOL in our city.  I was completely and totally shocked and my heart blew up with pride.  Matt and I stared at each other with confused looks upon our faces and blinked.  Skyler?

The school accepts one hundred second-graders throughout the city each year.  There are fifty-seven elementary schools here.  The letter mentioned a school tour and parent meeting and we immediately decided not to tell Sky until we were able to do those things.  She will not initially be excited about changing schools, but this is an opportunity not to be missed.

I feel like my baby just got accepted to college.  I've been staring at her for days with a goofy grin on my face.  I wish she knew how proud I was.   Hopefully someday she'll understand!


  1. Tears of pride and joy over here in DE! Should have waited until I was home to read it. Atta girl Sky!!

  2. WOW! What an amazing honor!! What a great opportunity :)

  3. I can imagine the pride is making you both bust at the seams! Such terrific news.

  4. Oh wow! That is so awesome. I know I only read about y'all, but I am not surprised one bit...it's all that free thinking going on in your house.


  5. Wow! That's very exciting for you all! When you tell Sky the news, let her know that the family in NH is very proud of her too.


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