Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My Collection...

 09/06/2012 - I've updated this post to change some pictures and to add some new parts of my collection.

This post took me a long time to organize. It's for my friend Carrie who always asks where I got my necklaces and who always gets a vague "I'll send you the link" from me.

I have a collection of jewelry that has my kids' names on it. It started out with a piece or two and then I just couldn't stop. I adore them all and have trouble deciding each day which one to wear.

(pictures are from the artist's websites, they are not my actual necklaces)

It started with this necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs.  Lisa used to write a fun little blog that I followed and she'd sometimes sell her gorgeous ideas on there.  Now she's selling in boutiques and celebrities are wearing her pieces.

 My version of this necklace has two tags one with each of the kids' names on it.

I also have her Family Tree necklace with all four of our names on it.  I get tons of compliments on this one.

Then I found Kimbra Studios.  I ordered this necklace with a picture of the four of us walking along a beach.  It's beautiful.

My friend Mindi gave me this little lovely from Michelle Baratta.  I have Matt's picture in there.

Next I bought this one for myself.  It is from designsbycathy on Etsy.  It says "A mother is she who can take the place of all others...but whose place no one else can take." and has a the kids' names on each heart.

Next I bought a matching set.  I got a coin for Matt that says "I love you to the moon and back" on one side and "Amanda" on the other and a necklace for myself that has the matching phrase on one side and "Matthew" on the back.  I got these at BirthDesigns from Etsy.  I will admit this is one of my least favorites.  The star jingles too much and the necklace is a bit short for my taste.  It's still beautiful though.

Next was a bar necklace from LillyEllen.  It has all four of our names on it and a blue bead.

Two Christmases ago, my MIL Lu gave me a ring from Nelle and Lizzy.  Mine has Zack and Skyler on it.

Last Christmas, I sent myself a bracelet.  It's one of my favorite favorites.  It has all four of our names on it.
It's from bddesigns on Etsy.

The next addition to my collection will be this bracelet from Nelle and Lizzy.  Matt and the kids ordered it for Mother's Day.  I can't wait to get it!!!  It's got "Zack & Sky" stamped on it.  LOVE.

And it continues...

I had coveted FOREVER the fingerprint necklaces that you see.  I managed to win a blog contest that gave me a $100 gc to Tina Steinberg Designs which still had me squeemish as I'd need ANOTHER $100 to get a two fingerprint necklace.  So as I hemmed and hawed Tina ran a BOGO sale.  SCORE!  So I ordered the kit and now have a necklace with each of the kids' fingerprints on it.  They look like this:

Then I got onto a bracelet bandwagon and went back to Lisa Leonard but this particular adventure did not go as well as in the past.  I really really wanted this bracelet but her silver prices had tripled since I started ordering from her.  Because of this Lisa started offering similar designs in pewter.  The difference was $90 so I bit on the pewter.  According to the description, pewter looked basically the same and wore the same as well..

Well.  It does not.  This is my single most disappointing piece of jewelry in that I don't even wear it.  It's got a blackened worn look, the personalization rubbed off.  It looks really really shabby and I treat it no different than any of my other jewelry.  I contacted LLD and they offered to touch it up.  I sent it to them, postage paid, and they cleaned it and spruced it up a bit but meh... within a week it looked just as crappy.  I appreciated their effort and they did send me a lovely pair of earrings as a nice gesture but...not going to order pewter ever again.

THEN, as my most recent purchase, I ordered...
from SoulPeaces on Etsy.  It has four little lotus flowers with our initals on it.  Love love love.  It's darling and dainty and beautiful.

That's my current collection.  I love it with all my heart.  I have no new pieces in mind.  The last few were purchased prior to Mother's Day and nothing new has tugged at my heart strings since.

Got any suggestions?


  1. Finally!!! Yay, what a beautiful collection. I'm still envious. I better get started ordering, eh?!

  2. I have a Lisa Leonard necklace as well. I love it, but I don't wear it enough and it is tarnished. As an owner of a lot of silver, how do you keep it looking spiffy?

  3. My jewelry box has some sort of something in it that prevents tarnishing so I don't have to polish much. I have tried a simple silver jewelry cloth for extra spiffiness and that seems to work well. I even went over the engraving with a black marker and then wiped off the silver, it helped to keep the etching/stampings looking dark. I wear mine in the shower a lot so the black started to disappear.

  4. Wow that's a lot of jewellery you're one lucky girl! I really like the one from designsbycathy which would be a perfect gift for a friend in a few months! I'm off to see if they ship to the UK...

    Have a lovely day, (hope the injections are going well)

  5. I love them! I wear a coin that has the names of my boys + their names on my bracelet, and I used to wear a g for Garrett only because the w for Wes didn't look like a W at all.
    I <3 them all, especially the last one!

  6. I'm ordering every single one. I'm serious.

  7. Ashley did you ever get the ring? Order up. I can't wear mine. It was just right but there was no room for error and with the RA I can't wear it anymore. My fingers are too puffy. I can always put it on a chain and have another necklace though!!! Silver linings.

  8. Have you ordered mine yet? LOL I'll check it out for sure.

  9. I love these--I'm a big fan of the stamped jewelry but I could never decide what to order...but you've shown me that I don't have to pick! <3

  10. Oh, and by the way, my inexpensive one from this site has held up the best & is my current fav:

  11. These are all so cute and so my kind of style too! I bookmarked a few of the links to revisit when I come up with justification for buying myself a present! :) Thanks!


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