Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sometimes Finding the Joy is a Struggle...

It was a little harder to find the Joy yesterday. I was hurting by the end of the day. Matt goes directly to school on Wednesdays. The kids were good but Skyler hasn't been sleeping well so she's cranky and her brother doesn't give her a single inch in that area.

The only joy I could really appreciate by evening's end was watching the season finale of Chuck with the kids while we colored*. We all love the Chuck series and had saved the two hour finale for a night when we had the time to watch the whole thing. Zack and I have fun predicting what's going to happen. Skyler half pays attention. We also colored in a Tinkerbell coloring book. Coloring relaxes me and we have the Crayola Twistables which are quite lovely if you're looking for a good crayon. The last five minutes of Chuck were the best because Zack and I couldn't figure out how Chuck was going to continue being a spy next season but there's a whole new story pending.

* Does it ruin the game to mention that my joy was sucked right out with all the arguing of who got to sit where and who got to color what and who got to operate the remote?

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