Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday's Joy...

It wasn't hard to find the joy yesterday.  Admittedly I had myself worked up into a nice snit brought on by a crappy mood by the end of the day.  But then I got to cleaning this putting that away and the kids were actually helping and that helped.  Then Matt came home and immediately started on yard work and that cheered me up.  Joy came later.

Joy#1 - Mike and Amy and Nate came for dinner.  We hadn't had the family together for dinner in a long time.  Someone is always traveling or working or sick or blah blah blah.  PLUS - Mike brought and cooked dinner.  It was delightful.

Joy#2 - I finished a puzzle that's been sitting on my kitchen table taunting me for weeks.  The best part is that Amy helped me while Skyler and Nate did their best to get in the way.  Zack even walked by every so often and within seconds placed a  piece here or there.  It was joyful to finish that damn thing.  Oh and lest you think my kitchen table has been out of commission for weeks, it's huge.  I had to finish the puzzle to seat two families though.

Joy#3 - Zack continues to be helpful and agreeable.  I'm not sure if he hit his head or is delirious or what but I hope this new attitude sticks around for awhile.  I'm loving it.

Joy#4 - Zack hasn't had homework in two weeks.  OH the joy I find in that.  He had SOLs instead and actually enjoyed them.  Maybe the lack of homework is the reason for the new attitude, must investigate. 

Joy#5 - Watching Ms. THANG do the dishes in a ridiculous outfit that includes my black patent leather pumps.


  1. Hey, that counts as Wardrobe Wednesday too! She is too funny.

  2. I think she's preparing for The Housewives of VA Beach! And to think you used to wear Grammy's apron to do the dishes. Times sure have changed!! Speaking of change so will Zack. Enjoy him while he's in enjoyable mode.

  3. Friends for dinner is great, I had dinner with Gor & Colleen on Monday, it was so good to visit with them. Earlier that day I was up @ Dory's home to see her remodel & have lunch & catch up.
    Count your blessings, he's in a good mood & talking to you, someday you may never hear from him? Ha Ha Matt-call your MOM! I love Sky's independence, alot like her mom I think. Love ya all, miss you terribly. ~Always, Mom xoxoxoxo

  4. I don't think just anyone could carry off that outfit.

    Kudos, Skyler!


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