Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Was I Going to Say...

Are you ever driving along and just the right combination of blog-post words pop into your head and you chuckle to yourself thinking what an awesome post this is going to be and then you get to soccer practice and make small talk and then go get pizza where you listen to your kids argue about who gets to sit where and then you go home and do that whole bedtime torture-the-parent routine and then it's the next morning and you don't have the slightest clue what your awesome blog post was going to be about? Yeah so there's that. Assume it was awesome and that you were highly entertained okay?

The rest of what's in my mind is blah blah stuff. Like I heard from my insurance company and they're going to pay for my very expensive infusions. Thank you very much insurance company I'm so glad to have your okay to not be a cripple for the rest of my life.   (Have I ever mentioned that orange text equals sarcasm?  Well it does and now that blogger lets me change my text color without getting all html-y I can accurately portray sarcasm in my posts).  And I spilled maple syrup the other day and that shit has a way of multiplying and taking over the kitchen.  I keep finding sticky spots in places that just seem impossible or places that I hands-and-knees scrubbed.  I think maple syrup is the glue that holds the world together.  There's no getting rid of it.

I'm looking for teacher's gifts.  Any ideas?  They cannot feature an apple ;-)


  1. Teacher's Gift = Maple Syrup!

    No seriously, how about a gift card for a store like Target or someplace like that?

  2. Plants work. Maybe maple syrup candy!!

  3. My Aunt teaches and she appreciates your ban on apple themed gifts. Gift cards are always welcome.

  4. I usually do a great children's book from Amazon along with a gift card to Amazon. And thanks for reminding me! I gotta get something ordered for their teachers!!

  5. Oh, and the maple syrup thing. It's the one smell Chris cannot tolerate. He won't even go into Walmart because he insists it smells like syrup. I spilled syrup in December and he swears he can still smell it. He's probably right because you're right, that shit doesn't ever show itself completely.

  6. Oh, I so get the "go get pizza where you listen to your kids argue about who gets to sit where " thing. That just happened to us the other night. As for teacher gifts, I agree with the gift card. Let him/her get what he/she likes. :) (and I love the quote in the next post).


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