Thursday, June 10, 2010

1 in 43...

Sometimes the numbers of things, the statistics, the odds, fascinate me.  I had a parent meeting last night at Sky's new school and when the principal started rattling off numbers, I started writing them down.

All 5,290 first graders in our city took the gifted identification test in February.

1,391 obtained a high enough score to take the second test.

Of those 1,391, 998 of their parents indicated that they would be interested in having their child attend the gifted identified school if their child tested well enough.

342 of those children scored high enough on the second test to go on to recommendations and a review by the board.

255 of those children's packets were presented to the board.

125 of those children were selected.

Skyler was one of those children.  Skyler.  My Skyler.  Someone somewhere looked at a few pieces of paper and a few test scores and said "Yes.  We want this little girl to be a part of this school".  I get a little caught up in it.  What do they look for?  What about her pieces of paper made them choose her?  They didn't see her unique way of dressing, or look at the funny faces she makes, or listen to her read a book, or ask a question, or make a joke, or any of the other thousand ways she shows us how special she is each day.  I'm sure each of those other children had funny questions and a way with words and silly faces and good grades.  How do they choose?  Interesting huh?  I'm still a bit stunned.

Skyler of course has moved on and is ready for the new challenge.  I have no doubt that she's far more ready than I am.  I'm just going to trail along behind her for awhile with a look of awe on my face.

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  1. WOW! I am so proud of you all. It's a family effort.


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