Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grown Up...

It was so hot in these heah parts that I didn't leave my house all weekend.  Okay truth be told I left the house twice.  I took the kids to the pool Friday afternoon and it was like swimming in bathwater, bathwater and all the little germies that come from pool water festering in a week of 105 degree temperatures.  It just can't be good.  Once of us will be sick very shortly.

The second time I left the house was to take the family to see the movie Grown Ups.  It was a lot of fun and very funny.  The idea is to leave you nostalgic for your own childhood and the adventures you would get in to.  While I appreciated that thought for awhile, I was also able to look fondly at Adam Sandler and remember when I used to stay up on Saturday nights to watch him on Saturday Night Live, and the time I saw him do stand-up at my friend Melissa's college.  Look at him know, he's got a production company and he's successful enough to continue to employ all of his childhood friends by giving them a part in every one of his movies.  And the fans expect nothing less because they want to see this group together as well.  I could see the nostalgia in the character friends in the movie and I could see the nostalgia of a group of friends making another movie together.  God they must have fun huh?

Oh look Skyler's spiked a fever.  102*  It's in the Mother's Rule Book.  Fevers over 99* must only be spiked on a Sunday evening or if necessary Monday morning.  But never any other day of the week.

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