Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mom 2 Zack 4,958,690...

I can't remember if I bitched about it here or on facebook or the mommy board or email, maybe it was all of the above, but I think I might have solved the Zack sleeping in his own bed problem. It's only been four days but I like to the jump the gun and then disappoint myself. It's the way of pessimists.

So Zack loves me. Like A LOT. He's always had trouble sleeping. It takes eleventy hours to get him to sleep, he doesn't need or want a lot of sleep, and it's a miserable event for all of us. Last year when Matt went back to school at night and my resolve was weakened by illness and the desire to go to sleep before 11pm, Zack started waiting for his sister to fall asleep and then crawling in bed with me. After talking my ear off about school (he's otherwise completely mute on the subject so that was hard to give up), he'd fall asleep in 10.2 seconds. SO much easier. The longer I let this go on, the more of a chore it became when he couldn't fall asleep with me. And I'm a giant wuss and JUST WANT TO GO TO SLEEP so I'd tend not to fight him. Then I told him that when he turned nine, it was over. Guess what that did? Give him a goal to work towards? NO. It gave him something to obsess about until when the time came he was completely unable to fall asleep alone. Great. He even started having nightmares. Finally I remembered having discussions with other moms about melatonin. I've researched it in the past back when it was sufficient to address my own sleeping problems and know that it's safely recommended for children.

The last four nights, I've told CCP (Captain Crabby Pants) that I'm giving him an allergy pill (I didn't want him to know what I was doing) and by the time Skyler falls asleep he's asleep too.  He's even slept right through the night.  No nightmares.  Boo YEAH!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. Hope this works! I love it.

  2. Melatonin you say? That bit of information will be tucked away for future use.

    I am also hopelessly weak about the child crawling into my bed to sleep.


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