Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Than An Everyday Hero...

When you aren't feeling well yourself, it's nice to celebrate the goings on of friends.

My friend Barb is a hero to me.  Over a year ago she was called by the National Bone Marrow Registry and was informed that she was a match for a young boy who has cancer.  She was overwhelmed and scared.  Her own son is disabled and her life is carefully organized around his needs.  He had been very sick over the past several months and she had no vacation time left to take to recover from having her hip drilled for bone marrow.  She was concerned that if something went wrong, her own family would suffer, she would have to take recovery time unpaid.  It was a major decision but in the end, how can you say no?  The transplant was successful and after a year the organization allows you to trade information (prior to a year, it is confidential).  The two families became friends and this past weekend Barb got to meet little Reese for the first time.  They were both overwhelmed.  He said to her "thanks Barb for my new blood - it helps a lot".  

The whole process was such an inspiration to me.  Matt and I joined the National Bone Marrow Registry right after Barb was called.  We've always encouraged others to do so as well.  Frequently you will hear of a bone marrow drive being done for a particular person.  They might mention it on the news or in the newspaper.  Sometimes you can find an article online.  This is a good time to register as that drive will cover the cost.  Sometimes there are codes online.  I found this link this morning by googling "National Bone Marrow Registry drive code".   Bone Marrow Drive Held In Memory Of Allison Zicree  They are using the code "Allisonsgift".  If you register for a drive and aren't a match for that person your info will be saved in the event that you are a match for someone else.

Think about it.

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