Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ninety-six minutes of Hand Wringing...

I've got a nervous tummy right now.  I just booked my babies to fly on an airplane this summer.  Without me.  For ninety-six minutes.  OMG.  It will be the longest ninety-six minutes of my life. My heart will literally be flying through the sky without me.  I know that there are plenty of kids of divorce out there who are pros at this.  But um, my nine year old still has a panic attack when he's told he has to sleep in his own bed.  This should be interesting.  Perhaps the cord will finally be severed?

When I was a kid I couldn't wait to get to my grandmother's house as soon as school was out.  I still like to tell all my cousins that I was her favorite, but really I just spent the most time with her (because I was the favorite).  I'd really like my kids to have the same memories and adventures.  They have lots of favorite places that they like to go when we visit and I think it's time that they start having those summer memories without us.  Heck, my Mother's house is like a hotel and her neighborhood is kid central.  I'm not sure they'll even notice that I'm not there.  But I will.

It's going to be fine right?  Hold me.


  1. I wonder if you could get someone to shoot you gently with a tranq gun right before that hour and a half? On nature shows the anxious animal just DROPS! It looks so restful!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I only removed my second comment because blogger posted me twice. I didn't say something repulsive and then chicken out. I swear ;)

  4. I'm thinking this tranquilizer option might be the way to go. FSM knows my husband wouldn't mind having the ability to tranq me on other occasions (like when I'm bitching about the dishes in the sink).

  5. You still have Matt and me to treat like kids, so you won't notice their absence!!!Or, I can ship Nate over and we'll all have a vacation...
    And truth be told-they won't even notice your absence either!
    And I'll be glad to hold ya when you need it :)

  6. They'll be fine and do great! They'll have so much fun too!
    Oh, WERE the favorite. ;-)
    It was great to hang with you guys when I was home!

  7. How long will they be gone? The thought of doing this makes me anxious already.


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