Friday, June 11, 2010

Swish Swish Swish...

Remember a few blog posts ago when I was talking about the numbers involved with Skyler being accepted to her new school?  Well last night I was braiding her hair and we had the following conversation that was in hilarious contrast to her being chosen for anything.

Sky:  MOM.  You should see Olivia's braids.   Her mom can do a crown braid.  She's like a professional or something.
Me:  That's nice.  Maybe she can teach you how.
Sky:  No.  I asked Olivia if I could come over to her house (something I hate when my kids do) but she said 'No.  My parents don't like you'.
Me:  What?
Sky:  (very matter of factly) *shrug* They don't like me.
Me:  Have you ever met her parents?
Sky:  Yeah they come to lunch all the time.
Me:  I guess you're a brat at lunch huh?
Sky:  Yup.  I guess so.

This kid cracks me up.  She didn't care in the slightest that Olivia's parents don't like her.  I guess it's a good thing that Olivia's Mom wasn't on the school selection committee.  *snort*

Zack is still sleeping in his own bed. 

I read four books this week.   They were nice and fluffy and just what I needed to break out of my reading rut.

At the recommendation of Swistle, I bought a skirt.  I'm not a skirt person but I'm wearing it today and I'm really comfortable.  Pants were becoming too confining, damn medication.  Old Navy is having a sale on swishy skirts this week.  For some reason the one I bought is not pictured online.  It's a bright kelly green.  I usually get everything in black/gray/khaki but I thought I'd really break out of my mold.  I also got this little sweater.

It's a sin to show your shoulders in my office and some of my summery shirts are borderline shoulder showers.   This sweater is perfect.  Like I mentioned earlier, just about everything I wear matches the basic black, this goes with everything.

I started my Remicade infusions on Monday.  It didn't make me as sick as I thought it was going to.  I did have to sit and listen to the patient next to me make exclamations of love and adoration as she read Sarah Palin's book.  THAT almost made me vomit.  This drug joins my other drugs in suppressing my immune system.  While you hope that it works, you also suffer the side effects of things like not healing.  I have two simple scratches on my arm and a small burn on my leg that are just ugly and don't want to heal.  My body has no antibodies to work with.  I'm using tons of hand sanitizer on everything.  My kids cough and I jump out of their line of fire.  If I hear word of the flu I'm going to start wearing a mask.  At least it's summer and the kids are mostly healthy.

Enjoy your weekend.  I'm building myself a bubble.

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