Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why Don't You Just Download It...

My kids are so used to instant technical gratification that they sometimes just can't comprehend waiting for anything that has to do with a computer.

Last night the kids were entertaining themselves (Praise FSM) by printing templates of paper airplanes out from Paper Airplane Garage, and then folding and gluing them together.  The stars had aligned for this project.  Zack was searching the internet for the perfect planes and Skyler was using her crafty skills to follow the directions and put them together.  At some point, the printer ran out of ink.  I knew it had been low and told them that that was it until I ordered some.  Zack kept trying to print.  The computer kept popping up asking "Do you want to order ink?"  Finally he got frustrated with me and said "MOM, can you just come down here and order the ink?"  I asked what then?  He said "then we can do some more printing".  I chuckled upon realizing that he thought that if I pressed "order ink" that it would somehow beam its way to our printer.  I wanted him to figure it out though.  I asked him what would happen once I ordered the ink, how was it going to get into the printer?  It took him a second but then he gave his typical "GGGRAAAAAAHHHHHH!" and walked off frustrated with both me and the printer.  He's a little ahead of his time.  Maybe in his future there will be no need for paper or ink, but it might be hard to fly a paper airplane that way.


  1. Between Skyler and Zack they could come up with a program to beam ink to printers, don't you think? You'd be RICH.

  2. LOL! My kids are the same way!


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