Monday, July 12, 2010

Crafty Girl...

Skyler received a bracelet-making kit as a prize for best hula hooper at a birthday party this weekend and spent the better part of that evening begging me to show her how to make bracelets.  I wasn't in the mood, but this child is a craftaholic so I gave in, flipped through the guide, and suddenly remembered how fun making friendship bracelets was as a kid.  I never had much patience for super intricate designs so I chose the easiest one I could remember to teach her.  We used some of the basic thread from her kit while I got my groove back and then I decided to fully commit and we went hunting for the three boxes of cross-stitch floss I had stashed in the garage.
Zack quickly started begging for a bracelet and then Skyler wanted to know how to do it herself (up until then she was happily watching me make a bracelet for her).  The kids had fun pulling out their favorite colors and the better Skyler got at it (she's a natural) the longer her list of bracelet recipients got.  I think she has plans to stick me in a friendship bracelet making sweatshop. 

Skyler's first creation which she sweetly bestowed up on me and my keychain.

One of my own creations that I was allowed to keep because it was too big for anyone Sky had on her list.

I have no intentions of showing her the crazy patterns you can make these things into. She'd never let me see the light of day if she knew...


  1. The pics didn't come through! I want to see the creations!

  2. You actually found something in the garage?!?!?!? WOW... ;)


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