Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Interesting Tid-Bit...

I was addressing a postcard this morning and as I affixed my stamp I began to wonder about the postage.  I slap a 44¢ stamp on there and my postman takes it to the post office and does some sort of magic and it arrives in, say France.  I pay the USPS 44¢ but what does France get out of the deal to deliver it to it's recipient?  I'm quite sure their postal service doesn't work for free.  And what does ours get when someone sends ME a postcard?  These thoughts tumble around in my head.  I like to know how things work.

So I googled it and came across this very informative, albeit dated, article.  The United Nations is involved in the whole process.  They've got it all worked out.  We only usually hear about them when we illegally declare war on foreign countries and defy the Geneva Convention but apparently they worry about my postcards too.



  1. You just use a regular stamp? I was worried when I started Postcrossing so I researched and researched till I found out about int'l stamps.

  2. Amy- You're right, it's 98c international (except Mexico and Canada, which are 70-something cents).

  3. My first postcard was received today! I'm such a nerd because I'm so excited!


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